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Lara Bernardi


Spiritual Wisdom – Love from Himalayas – New Yoga Teachings

“Let love lead. Let love flow. Love guides you. Listen to the wisdom of your heart everyday.” Lara

I’m Lara Bernardi born in Switzerland, living in Goa India. I’m a business economist FH, spiritual teacher and mother of three kids. I’ve written many specialist articles for business magazines and several books like the “The Key to Happiness” and “The Key to Health” and meditation CDs.

I teach you a modern kind of spirituality. The wisdom and love I show you will help you in your daily life. I help you to understand your heart language (Heart Awareness) and the heart talk with others.

Love is a connection to everybody’s heart. Feel love, lightness and joy. Your heart doesn’t know any limits.

I teach you lightness and the easy way which you can live in your daily life. The Golden Age may be easy, brings you joy and prosperity and allows you to live the life which makes you happy.

You find my teachings in my books, on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I also guide you in my WhatsApp groups with videos and in my online trainings like Yoga for Life.  The teachings are a modern kind of spirituality of lightness and simplicity. It’s all about love that you can live your potential and be happy.

Since childhood, I have been conscious of the immaterial realms. I understand people holistically and can show you who you are and what you can do in order to live the richest possible kind of life.

Using my years of practical yoga and healing experiences I developed Yoga Center of Love and Yoga for Life which carries the wisdom and love of Himalaya. Why? Himalaya called me to do so when I stayed in Risikesh. Yoga Center of Love is a special kind of yoga for healing, relaxation, expanding love and personal growth. It also has a remarkable anti-aging effect. Yoga for Life is a special online course for yoga seekers all over the world with self-coaching parts, training in Heart Awareness and healing elements. It’s about you and your mission.

Using my years of practical coaching experiences, I developed the BERNARDI Profile while I was working at the University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland Chur. The main parts of this personality profile is to get to know you better you find it in my book “Bernardi Profile – The Key to Your Personal and Professional Success” and in the online course “Yoga for Life”.

All I do, I do with love. I love to create. Checkout our Premium Lotus Clothes Collections with the label Love Label for women and Let Love Lead for men. Feel the difference. For Europe we created “Herzlotus” which also carries a unique lotus label. Feel the love.



Yoga for Life online trainings and WhatsApp group
in English and German (Deutsch)
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Free trial on WhatsApp in English and German (Siehe Deutsch unten) –
I offer a free trial in one of my silent WhatsApp groups for all online courses. I will guide you with videos on WhatsApp. If you’re interested in, write me over Instagram or Facebook or to om@omcosmo.com.

Yoga Master – Wisdom and Rituals from Himalaya online Training and WhatsApp Group
This is a 108 day online training with easy rituals for your daily life to be aligned and to be in your power. The Wisdom of Himalayas is the wisdom of the universe. I will teach you Heart Awareness, Light Healing and Daily Life Rituals to align yourself and that you are in your power. Join us today

Yoga for Life 
Empower yourself – Get to know you better – Be you – Love – Prosperity – Purity – Holistic Yoga

Yoga is Life – Yoga is You – Online course in English

Yoga for Life are special online courses which I created for India and Yoga seekers from all over the world with self-coaching parts, training in Heart Awareness and healing elements.  Yoga for Life helps you to align yourself, to live a happy and fortuned life and to get to know you and your strengths better.

Yoga for Life is an online training which helps you to align yourself, to live a happy and fortuned life and to get to know you and your strengths better.
Get it now Yoga for Life 1


Yoga for Life 2 – Heart Wisdom, teachings, exercises Lara
Yoga is life. Yoga is you. Get inspired by this online training. Strengthen your heart awareness, get clarity and reach your goals.
Get it now Yoga for Life 2


Yoga for Life 3 – Heal yourself and Be You
Your life is all about being yourself and feeling good. Go your unique way and set your goals. Keep focused on them.
Get it now Yoga for Life 3

Customer Feedback:
Dear Lara. Thank you very much for your useful guidance in this time.
Customer, India

Online Trainings/Kurse/WhatsApp Begleitung auf Deutsch

WhatsApp kostenlose Einführung in die Kurse
Für alle online Kurse biete ich zum Einstieg eine kostenlose stille WhatsApp Gruppe an, wo ich dich mit Videos begleite. Schreib mir über den Facebook oder Instagram Messenger oder an om@omcosmo.com, damit ich dich in die Gruppe aufnehmen kann.

Yoga Master – Weisheit und Rituale aus dem Himalaya – WhatsApp Gruppe
108 Tage Videobegleitung von mir auf WhatsApp mit einfachen Ritualen, mit denen du dich in deinem tägliches Leben ausrichten und balancieren und in deiner Kraft sein kannst.  Ich führe dich mit Videos über WhatsApp. Starten noch heute für die ersten Tage kostenlos. Schreib mir eine Nachricht an om@omcosmo.com mit deinem Namen, Vornamen und WhatsApp Nummer, damit ich dich zur WhatsApp Gruppe hinzufügen kann.

Online Training “Ausbildung in Medialität, spirituelle Beratung, Neue Heilmethoden”
Einstieg jeder Zeit möglich

Online Kurs „Herz-Bewusstsein“ by Lara Bernardi
Training medialer Wahrnehmung über das Herz, Herz-Lotus entwickeln, All-Eins-Sein

Einstieg jeder Zeit möglich

Online Kurs “Herz Talk – In 7 Schritten zum Glück”
Einstieg jeder Zeit möglich

Liebe Lara und Team.
Vielen herzlichen Dank für alles. Nun bin ich seit einem Monat fast schon dabei und es hat sich so viel schon geändert … Zum Positiven. Leichtigkeit und wunderbares Sein trotz vieler Fragen und Entscheidungen hat mir der Start gebracht. Ich spüre jeden Tag wie ihr mir Kraft gebt. Herzlichen Dank für das spürbare an mich denken. Ich bin auf einem wundervollen Weg dank euch.
Edith, Schweiz



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