Lara Bernardi

Live the highest Version of Yourself

“Attract prosperity, love and a lot of nice things into your life with being you. I teach you in Heart Awareness, Light Healings and show you easy alignment meditations that you can live your highest version. I invite you to join the Source Consciousness on Earth. Let’s go on The golden Light Journey together and live Abundance. Good Vibes Only on our journey.” Lara

I’m Lara Bernardi born in Switzerland, living in Bali with one foot in Hawaii. I’m spiritual teacher, investor, New World leader and mother of three kids. I’ve written many articles for business magazines and several books like the “The Key to Happiness” and “The Key to Health” and meditation CDs.

I guide you automatically and effortless back home to the level of Source Consciousness. I show you a new lifestyle and easy rituals to be aligned, keep your vibration high and live abundance.

Since childhood, I have been conscious of the immaterial realms. I understand people holistically and can show you what you can do in order to live the richest possible kind of life.

Using my years of practical coaching experiences, I developed the BERNARDI Profile while I was working at a University in Switzerland. The main parts of this personality profile is to get to know you better. You find it in my book “Bernardi Profile – The Key to Your Personal and Professional Success” and in the online course “Yoga for Life”. These are great self coachings.

Using my years of practical yoga and healing experiences I developed Yoga Center of Love and Yoga for Life. Yoga Center of Love is a special kind of yoga to feel yourself, be centered and stabilze your space. It also has a remarkable anti-aging effect. Yoga for Life is a special online course for yoga seekers all over the world with self-coaching parts, training in Heart Awareness and healing elements. It’s about you and your mission.

I love to create. Checkout our Yoga-/Lifestyle Collection. They spend you a lot of love and Good Vibes Only.

Love to you – Aloha